TOP-5 Recommendations for Automatic Transmission Drivers

TOP-5 Recommendations for Automatic Transmission Drivers

Car owners find automatic transmissions more emergency and expensive to run. The new models undoubtedly bring many benefits. The key to the longevity of a self-steering transmission is to use it more carefully. Unfortunately, even avid car enthusiasts only sometimes know errors that affect faster wear of gear mechanism parts. The driver must treat it more carefully and delicately to prolong its life and not face expensive repairs in the next couple of years. And for this, it is necessary not to overload the box and operate it differently than mechanics.

Observe the list of behaviors to avoid.

1. Switching to neutral when standing or during driving

Numerous drivers must remember that N gear is only used to change gears between R and D modes. Employing it when driving downhill or temporarily stopping at a traffic light is uneconomical and unsafe. Moreover, setting the N mode is unreasonable and puts a large load on the gearbox, forcing it to equalize the speed of the elements rotating inside it suddenly. This habit may result in play between the splined elements, faster wear of the gearbox parts, and overheating due to a sharp drop in oil pressure.

2. Do not go downhill in neutral

A lot of motorists believe that it is possible to drive down a slope in neutral gear without damage to the box (as on mechanics). But if your goal is to keep the machine in your car as long as possible, then by no means do this. Otherwise, your box will quickly fail.

Or do you think you keep fuel, including neutral, when driving downhill, etc.? More contemporary cars are equipped with electronic fuel injection and save energy efficiently when moving downhill. It will only accelerate the wear on your machine. Remember this rule.

3. Do not turn on the parking until the car stops

Another bad habit of many automatic car owners. We are talking about a rush in the parking lot when car owners put the machine into "parking" without waiting until the car totally stops.

Remember, it negatively affects the box and can kill it quickly.

4. Do not start the automobile engine in neutral

If you do not desire to wear out the automatic machine in your car quickly, we advise you to start the vehicle only in parking mode and simply after beginning to switch the transmission knob to the D mode.

5. Activate P-mode when the car is moving

P mode is used only for parking, fully stopping the automobile before exiting it. Turning it on automatically locks the gear and wheels. An accidental, one-time P-mode setting while going or slowly rolling the automobile may ultimately harm the car, that will have to be replaced in the terrifying case. In simple terms, the cost of such a mistake (or frivolity) of the driver "breaks out of his shoes." In newer vehicles, manufacturers use special safety measures to prevent the activation of the parking mode before the car stops, but this does not relieve the driver from careful driving.


It is indispensable in a contemporary metropolis and helps the driver in different operating conditions. But, being a complex device, it needs a caring attitude - proper maintenance and operation. Then she will be able to please the owner for a long time with smooth switching and disputable work.


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