Car Guys VS Non Car Guys

Car Guys VS Non Car Guys

There is a big difference between these two concepts. You may never think about it, but it exists.

You are a regular driver if…


You are not interested in anything except for the car to go, and you can be on time where you need to be. You prefer to avoid delving into the car, and specialists carry out all manipulations with it. You never warm up your car, even in the most severe frosts, believing that you are already doing everything necessary, just changing the oil and topping it up with gasoline.

You will not be met on car forums and will not look for the causes of problems but take the car to the service station.

In a word, you are promoting a consumer attitude towards cars. 

You are a car enthusiast if…


You have dreamed of a car since childhood. Or from youth. You were unbearable when you collected money for it. The day you bought it became a holiday for you and still remains in your memory as a memorable date.

 It gives you pleasure to find out the causes of problems in your car and then climb into various car forums and, foaming at the mouth, find out with other similar motorists which part should be replaced.

You know all the brands of cars, as well as all the car codes of the regions of our country and even neighboring countries - you must have been there, on business or a trip. The word "autobahn" is like a balm for your heart because, on such roads, your car's chassis will not fall into disrepair. 

The main differences

Going through the tunnels

For car enthusiasts, riding in tunnels is like a rollercoaster; you are underground, it is dark, a whole adventure, and you can also filth. For regular drivers, it is another torture - there is no light, no air, and it's boring.

Interacting with other drivers

Car enthusiasts will find a topic of discussion with car owners at any opportunity. Regular drivers communicate with other drivers with difficulty. They never know anything, do not answer, and want to get rid of the interlocutor quickly.

Handling the wheel

Oh yeah! How the driver holds the wheel immediately says a lot about him.

Cleaning bird crap

If you see a car with bird crap, this car definitely belongs to the regular driver because he doesn't give a damn. A car enthusiast during sleep will hear how a bird makes a dirty trick on the hood and immediately will rush to wipe it off.


A car enthusiast is a parking specialist, he may not know how to cook an egg, but he knows how to park in any situation for sure. But for the regular driver, this is the end of the world. Parking? Lord, why do I need all this?


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