Stupid Things People Say When Selling A Car

Stupid Things People Say When Selling A Car

The main goal of any auto seller is to sell the car as quickly and with the greatest benefit for themselves. From this, the buyer must proceed so as not to be cheated.

It is known that the seller always meets a potential buyer so warmly and kindly as if he had wanted to get to know him all his life. This, of course, is flattering, but keep in mind: immediately after receiving money from you, he will lose interest in you and instantly disappear, forgetting even to say goodbye.

Many of those who professionally make a living selling cars turn out to be talkative - a potential buyer sometimes does not have time to say a couple of phrases. It is due to the desire of the seller to "talk his teeth" to the client and not allow him to navigate the situation, thereby persuading him to purchase this particular car.

Car dealers talk nonsense all the time. They give too much information. Too little information. Wrong information. Unnecessary information. They over-share personal information. And it often happens; salespeople say stupid things. Sooner or later, everyone must understand that words matter, and often what sellers say just to sell a car is nonsense.

We have compiled a selection of the most frequent stupid things people say when selling a car.

Owned for five years and did nothing

This phrase means that the car is so reliable and good that it has never broken down in five years and did not need to be repaired. But a smart buyer will understand that the service will fall on him. Does he need this problem?

Sat - went

This a favorite phrase of salespeople who want to say that the car is in perfect technical condition. At the same time, dishonest sellers obviously know the global problems of the car, but to "throw off" it quickly, they hide the problems in every possible way. For example, with an oil burner, an additive is used that clogs the cylinder walls.

We did not eat, drink or smoke in the car

Everyone understands that you cannot eat or drink in the car- nothing criminal in this. But if you were told that they did not smoke in the cabin and it smelled of tobacco, the buyer would doubt the honesty of the seller.

Replacement parts only cost $30

Feel free to stick in any inexpensive part that requires either a degree in quantum engineering to replace or an amount of money far over the cost of the car to cover labor costs. If repairs were that cheap, they would have already done it.

New brakes were installed 20,000 km ago

Such a phrase is a complete absurdity. After all, brakes with a mileage of 20,000 km cannot be new. Therefore, the "new" starter, alternator, and fuel pump are not installed simultaneously. If you don't know much about cars, remember this example.

New tires were installed a few years ago

Like brakes, two-year-old tires are not new. Only this time, it's not just about mileage; it's about age. Even if the car has stood for two years, there will still be a certain amount of dry rot on these tires. 

Good car for city driving

If you heard this phrase, the seller will most likely know that the car will not reach further than two blocks. And we do not even speak about a trip to the other end of the city to meet friends. You also shouldn't run it for more than 15 minutes because the hot coolant will spew like drunken brethren the morning after you get home.

The engine is noisy and smokes but runs well

We think that it is the most popular phrase. An engine that smokes and makes noise definitely doesn't run well. The seller means that the engine is still running, , or more accurately, they are surprised that the engine is still running.

Project machine, just a few simple things left to finish

You will never find a story in the history of the automotive industry that someone sold an almost completed car project that only required a few simple things. People don't spend much time and money to build a project for a car and then, at the very end, abandon it for no apparent reason. It's like flying on vacation and then deciding not to get off the plane because you "lost interest. The seller either faced a serious problem or a large expense. 

It is a collector's car

If you have to tell people in an ad that your car is a collector's car, then it's definitely not a collector's car. 

It's easy to fix

If it's easy to fix, fix it already. Why tell people about it at all? I'll tell you why - because the seller has already tried to fix it and either found it too difficult or aggravated the situation with an unsuccessful attempt.


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