The US Electric Vehicle Market Overview In 2023: Statistics and Forecast

The US Electric Vehicle Market Overview In 2023: Statistics and Forecast

Every day, the planet Earth is exposed to the monstrous greenhouse gases produced by the internal combustion engines inside every car. The programs of most of the most prominent auto industry representatives contain items on the development, design, and operation of electric vehicles. Electric cars are clean, from the point of view of ecology, an analog of a car with an electric motor. They operate without the usual transport fuel, using clean and renewable electricity.

The trend is that electric cars are gradually replacing conventional internal combustion engines. In the "ideal" future, it is planned to leave only hybrids, hydrogen engines, and fuel cell engines. This trend can be observed in the United States, Asian countries, and some European countries. This trend is also supported by the fact that, in most cases, the operation of an electric car will cost its owner less than a gasoline or diesel car. And as you know, the question of "price of movement" is almost in the first place when choosing a car. The most popular model for environmentally conscious motorists was the Nissan and Tesla cars.

A little bit about numbers and forecasts

The global electric vehicle market is growing at a double-digit pace. Despite the current situation in the stock market, the prospects for this direction are broad. Which companies should you pay attention to the growing demand for electric cars?

According to Meticulous Research, the global electric vehicle market could reach $1.9 trillion by 2028. This implies an annual increase of 37.1%. Supportive government policies, growing environmental concerns, and declining battery prices are critical factors in developing the electric vehicle market.

  • A local risk factor that has already been partially overcome is the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Growth points are the development of drone technology and the Chinese direction.

The most interesting electric cars that will go on sale in the next 5 years

In addition to the novelties already familiar to us from well-known brands, such as Tesla, Rivian, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc., here you can meet new players: Faraday Future, Lagonda, Mazda, and Byton. Predictably, since electric vehicles are the transport of the future and more and more automakers are claiming the production of electric vehicles.

In the US, in 2023, will build a road with wireless charging of electric vehicles on the go

Just imagine: charging electric vehicles on the go while driving on a regular road. Down with extra weight and huge batteries. Why carry all the extra stuff if recharging is on the way, right? Down with the queues at gas stations because you recharge either at home or on the road. Still down with all these restrictions on the range. Imagination draws paid dedicated lanes on which you drive and correct the expended charge. Moreover, this is not fiction because such a road will appear in the States in 2023.

This road is part of a redevelopment of the Detroit area, where Ford wants to make an innovative quarter. Lots of technology, open spaces, and all that hipster stuff. As the Fords themselves write, «This project should prepare Ford for the next century of innovation and success».