Terms & Conditions

1. Posting reviews (adding auto business) is post-moderated, i.e. checking reviews (auto businesses) by a moderator, incl. at the request of the recipient of the review, carried out after the posting of the review (auto business) in public access. We a priori rely on your conscientiousness and correctness.

2. Reviews (auto businesses) are not evaluated by the moderator of the AutoQ website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) in the categories of "veracity" (the moderator does not have the ability and authority to delve into the relationship between the parties in detail, except for those that are clear on the Site). At the same time, the Site administration welcomes public statements from both the author and the recipient of the feedback, indicating the compliance or non-correspondence of the reality of specific circumstances.

3. The parties should keep in mind that a person who disseminates negative information bears the burden of proving its authenticity, in accordance with the current legislation. Also, the parties should keep in mind that value judgments cannot be refuted or proved, in principle; "corresponding" or "not corresponding" to reality can only be actual circumstances.

4. Based on the fundamental impossibility to check the "veracity" of the information in the review (information about the auto business), the moderator evaluates the reviews (auto business), first of all, according to the criteria of good faith. A review (auto business) is subject to removal if the moderator has reasonable grounds to believe that the author of the review posted it with bad faith.

5. The conscientiousness of the author of the review is assumed initially. The moderator may consider the issue of bad faith:

for negative reviews at the initiative of the recipient of the review, except for the presence of insults and advertising in the review. Offensive statements and advertising in the review (including in further comments from the author) are the unconditional grounds for deleting the review, regardless of the essence of the issue.

for positive feedback on the initiative of their own and / or any User.

6. Considering the issue of bad faith feedback in case of contestation or doubts about the reliability of the information provided, the moderator must ask the author for copies of documents (order number) confirming the relevant relationship between the author and the recipient of the feedback, in order to further make judgments about good faith based on the documents received if the author of the review did not attach documents initially.

7. When evaluating bad faith in posting a review, the moderator may take into account, in particular, but not exclusively, the following factors:

  • clearly and objectively established unreliability of information (facts) in the recall;
  • lack of evidence of a relationship between the author and the recipient of the review;
  • failure by the author of the review, upon request, to provide any documents indicating any relationship between the author and the recipient of the review;
  • posting by the author of more than one review regarding one Auto Service (car wash, gas station, tire fitting);
  • the presence of insults in the recall;
  • the history of the relationship of the parties with each other and with other users of the Site.

8. Abuse of the right to post reviews may lead to its deprivation. The grounds for disabling the ability to post reviews are systemic manifestations of dishonesty when posting reviews, in particular, but not exclusively, mass posting and / or appeals to other Users with offers to post inaccurate reviews. The period of deprivation of the right to post reviews is determined in each case, taking into account all circumstances, at the discretion of the Site Administration.

9. When posting a negative review, the Site Administration, in accordance with applicable law, in all cases provides the recipient of the review with the opportunity to publicly respond, for which it is necessary to use the comments functionality, for a possible refutation of negative information by citing specific facts on the subject matter. Comments are moderated, insults and unconstructive "flames" can be deleted.

10. By posting a review (or an auto business) on the Site autoq.org, you freely transfer to the Site Administration the right to use and dispose of this review (auto business page), in whole or in part, within and outside this resource.

11. The administration has the right to refuse to publish a review (auto business), correct or supplement the published review (auto business), as well as delete a previously published review, with or without reasons, with or without notice.

12. The Site Administration is not responsible for the content and accuracy of reviews (information about auto business) and does not participate in litigation or any other proceedings between third parties in connection with posting reviews on the Site.

13. When publishing a review, the Site Administration mentions the name and / or nickname of the author, indicated by him when posting the review. At the same time, the Site Administration is not obliged to establish or verify the authorship of the review.

14. To delete a review (auto business), send a request for deletion through the form on the Site with the rationale for your request.