TOP-3 Popular but Expensive Cars to Maintain

TOP-3 Popular but Expensive Cars to Maintain

Every car has a certain resource. Moreover, the duration of the service life of the machine depends on many factors. It is important that the car was originally of decent quality. Even with the most careful care, cars assembled from cheap materials and components cannot serve for a long time.

Maintenance is an important expense item that is relevant for a car of any class, price segment, body type or destination. Absolutely every car owner faces service. But the costs are different for everyone.

It is important not to confuse the concept of operating costs and maintenance. Operation includes all costs necessary to maintain the machine in good condition. These are refueling, buying consumables, paying for parking, tax fees, and so on. Maintenance is basically repairs. But it also includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Mercedes W213 

The quality of the nodes is beyond doubt. But for maintenance and upkeep, you will have to pay a decent amount of money. Due to the high factory quality, serious malfunctions are rare here. This is Mercedes — that says it all. Therefore, when buying, it is important to understand that the owner is waiting for expenses at the level of $ 3,000 per year.

Nissan Murano

One of the most expensive cars from Nissan is in the maintenance component. The problem of the machine can be considered an impressive list of faults that will not be fixed for free under warranty. Plus from the factory there is a weak performance of the exhaust manifold. As a result, this is about $ 2,800 for maintenance per year. And that's not even counting refills.

BMW 328i

The generation produced since 2016 is considered problematic. BMW is by definition an expensive brand to maintain. This model has an electrical problem that is not covered by the warranty. The timing also raises questions. Changes and repairs are equally expensive. 3-3.5 thousand dollars will be the standard amount for owning such a machine.